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Celebrate Carnival with us and take part in special activities

12 February, 2020

Carnival is a time of disguise and disguise! Celebrate at the Claror Clubs with the surprise activities and bring your costume.

Claror Sardenya: Carnival in the jungle

Wednesday 19
Combo fitness at 19:15
Thursday 20
Water combo at 08:45 and 20:15 *
Combo fitness at 10am

Friday 21
Combo fitness at 14.30am
Bring a friend to the special activities and you will enter in the draw for a free month for both! * Except for water activities, which have limited capacity.
And if you come dressed up and upload a photo to your Instagram with the hashtag #CarnavalClaror, you will enter the draw of a welcome pack of Claror Personal Trainer.
Friday 21
Combo fitness at 14:30

Claror Cartagena: Carnival in the Far West

Wednesday 19
Master spinning at 18pm
Thursday 20 Open day! Activities open to everyone
Combo water surprise at 7:30 and 20:45
Combo surprise fitness at 11am
Combo surprise fitness at 20am
Friday 21
Combo surprise fitness at 19am

Marine Light: Carnival in the circus

Thursday 20 Bring a friend to the activities!
Combo surprise fitness special dance at 11:30
Combo surprise fitness at 18pm
Friday 21
Combo surprise fitness special dance at 14pm
Surprise Carnival XXL at 19:15

Claror Can Caralleu: Carnival in construction

We will go from construction workers, we already have the decoration;)

Thursday 20
Combo surprise fitness at 9: 30h and at 19h
Combo surprise water at 9:30 and at 20.30:XNUMX
We are waiting for you

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