Claror, more than Fitness!

We renew the collaboration with the Caliu Group

January 7, 2019

Caliu Group-Ateneo Divers, is an association that offers a leisure and culture service to adults with intellectual functional diversity.

One of the programs that the entity offers is the opportunity to perform physical activity on a regular and inclusive basis, in a standardized space. And it is through the Clubs Claror They can start doing these first steps.

Through the agreement between both entities, small groups of three people can access the clubs to practice physical activity. Guided activities and the support of a support person facilitate the Club's knowledge and allow for a gradual improvement of its autonomy.

The objective and success of the collaboration is that, after a few months of assistance, the people of the Caliu Group have acquired the habit of doing physical activity in a standardized environment and can access the sports center like any other person subscribed.

Feature: Grupo Caliu, a bet for inclusive sport

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