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Discover the new Veevo by Claror boutique at Claror Sardenya!

30 September, 2019

Al Claror Sardenya this October we have released the new Veevo by Claror boutique, exclusively and free for subscribers and subscribers of the club.

Al Claror Sardenya We have released the new boutique Veevo by Clarorfor Free and exclusive for subscribers and subscribers Of the club.
It is a unique, effective and fun training method designed by the team of professionals Veevo. A 45 minute exercise session in which you will burn up to 1000 calories, based on the perfect combination of functional training, fitboxing, mental training and meditation.
With the new method you will enjoy the feeling of putting boxing gloves for the first time and experiencing how the energy travels through your body. The sessions are programmed from games and exercises that resort to fun and competitiveness. No contact or fighting.
Functional training to overcome your challenges
In a session of 45 minutes, each second counts. With the functional training we put all our body in motion into more complete movements. A plus of intensity so that each exercise multiplies its effect on your well-being.
Fitboxing to release your adrenaline
Put on a boxing glove and bring it to your bag. Download all the adrenaline, without fighting or fighting. You will feel strong, you will overcome and prepare for life. A sensation that you have to try and which you will want to repeat.
Mental training to achieve your goal
Each session is lived in a special atmosphere of group motivation that will change the way you face a workout. The positive challenge and the self-esteem will be very present for a complete evolution.
Meditation to achieve balance
The sessions are closed with a few minutes of meditation, in which the body is in a state of relaxation and balance to face the next challenges that life imposes. The Method Veevo He owes much balance to his body's success.
With the method Veevo You will combine the 4 disciplines and you will get in one single session to run the adrenaline and recover the balance body and mind.
Do you try to prove it?
Each session has capacity for 15 people and to come to the session you have to:
· Reserve your place in the club totem 30 minutes before the start of the activity.
· Come to the room 15 minutes before the start of the activity.

What do you need to do the session?
You will be on sale at the club reception at € 7 (special October special promotion) and 10 € as of November.
Boxing gloves
You can use the ones you'll find in the room or buy some at the club reception. There are 2 models of different qualities:
Boxing gloves: 39 €
Boxing power lock gloves: 59 €
You can now check the activity hours here.
Find all the information on the Website Veevo by Claror.
Look at the video of the opening of the boutique!

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