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At Can Caralleu we reduce emissions

25 in June, 2019

This month of June we just revalidated the stamp of the Voluntary Agreements for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas at Can Caralleu, which is a good year in the reduction of emissions caused by the club.

Thus, 2018 has gone from the 0.04 tons of CO2eq* a 0.01 tons CO2eq It is how the whole of the greenhouse gases that we throw into the atmosphere are expressed, of which the CO2 is one of the main ones.
One of the actions that have favored these good results is the bet to buy 100% renewable energy. Also the result of Actions implemented from the 2018 Energy Saving Marathon, which caused a decrease of 68% of the emissions derived from the consumption of natural gas for heating, and the decrease of 41% of the emissions derived from the consumption of water.

The intention to mig The term is to adhere to the other Claror Clubs in the voluntary Agreements, in order to calculate the emissions annually and to promote improvement actions. Also from the results of the 2019 Energy Saving Marathon, in which all the participants participated clubs.

The 'Voluntary Agreements for the Reduction of greenhouse gases' is a program of the Office of Climate Change of the Generalitat de Catalunya. To know more about this program, click here

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