Cros de muntanya de Can Caralleu 2019

Florence Bertholet and Sergi Masip repeat podium as absolute champions in the race of 17km, and Laura Fernandez and Carles Montllor are imposed in 8km

23 in March, 2019

The Cros de Can Caralleu is consolidated as the mountain race of BCN with close 600 athletes and the dorsals exhausted days before.

This Saturday 23 in March Can Caralleu hosted the nineteenth edition of the Mountain Cros. The race was attended by about 600 athletes, with the dorsals exhausted days before, and it was developed in a sunny and hot weather.

Sergi Masip and Florence Bertholet win the 17km race
The absolute winner of the race of 17 kilometers this year in male category is Sergi Masip (270 number), which repeats as the absolute champion for the second consecutive year. The runner has passed the first goal with a time of 1: 16: 26, followed closely by the second classified.
In female category, the winner is, once again, Florence Bertholet (114 number) that has been imposed with a brand of 1: 38: 39, and that repeats triumph for the fifth year followed.

Carles Montllor and Laura Fernández win the 8km race
The absolute winner of the race of 8 kilometers this year in male category is Carles Montllor (309 number). The runner has been clearly imposed with a time of 0: 37: 01. In female category, the winner is Laura Fernández (104 number) with a 0 mark: 46: 12, almost 1 minute of the second class.

Childhood crossing
During the same morning, the Cros Infantill of 4km was held, for boys and girls born from 2002 on 2005 and 2km, the race for boys and girls born in the 2006 years at 2009.

Check the here Complete classification.

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