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Get ready for this summer with Personal Training, now is the time to start!

5 April, 2019

Are you preparing for a sports challenge, want to lower your tummy, toning, improving your paddle, crossing ...? Together we will achieve that!

Focus on your goals, optimizing your time and efforts to the maximum. Our coaches and personal trainers will accompany you to get it.

For this spring we have prepared these programs, but if you have a different one, consult us and we will tailor you.

HIIT-Core combo

Get in touch with high-intensity personal training to eliminate fat and core work to strengthen the abdominal area, it's about summer!
2 sessions of 30 min / week HIIT
1 session 30 minutes / core week / hypopressive
Individual personal trainer 1,5h / week

Paddle Fit

Improve your performance and avoid personal training injuries that combine toning and cardio exercises in the paddle field.
Individual personal trainer 1h / week


Rise up and improve your performance in competitions with personal training in a technical and tactical work group
Individual personal trainer 1h / week

Do you have a challenge this summer?

If you are going to make active vacations and have challenges for this summer, get ready with your personal training training for intense activities: races, mountain hiking, mountain biking ...
Individual or group personal trainer (maximum 4 people)

Get in the open waters

Improve your technique to be able to swim in open waters this summer and cross the sea
Individual personal trainer

Ask us more info online, your technician / ao the reception of the club.

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