The benefits of HIIT, HIFT and Fit90 training

23 May, 2019

HIIT training and HIFT training have many aspects in common, both sessions are of high intensity, but there are some differences between them.

High intensity training HIIT It is based on performing different intervals of high intensity work with a partial or total recovery between them. The work methodology goes from circuit training, to the freight machines we have in the fitness rooms.

On the other hand, high-intensity functional training HIFT It is based on performing varied constant functional exercises with different lengths of time and the recovery is done if necessary, but there is no compulsory time. The breaks are variable depending on the objective you are looking for.

Benefits of HIIT and HIFT
• Improved cardiovascular resistance and general strength
• Improves overall mobility, both joint and muscular
• When training a large number of muscle groups, they have a greater caloric expense which favors fat loss
• Improvement of motor skills such as agility, coordination and balance
• They are fun sessions, since you use different materials and can be done in groups, thus favoring the integration between the participants.
• More results in less time.

FIT 90 Claror is a self-creation program based on the HIFT (high intensity functional training) that lasts for 12 weeks where a body composition test is performed at the beginning and end of the shift to see the changes obtained in the relationship between the % fat and body muscle.

It is the most intense activity of all those offered to ours clubs, since it consists of making the maximum number of repetitions of the different exercises in a time that goes from 10 to 45 according to a heart rate of more than 90%, with a partial recovery. We work in the form of a circuit between 6 and 8 functional exercise stations where each session the 7 movement patterns are used and the axes and body plans are worked on.
If your goal is to reduce% body fat and gain strength and endurance is your activity, do not hesitate.

Are you going to train with us? Do you accept the challenge?

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