3 abdominal exercises

5 April, 2019

Marcos, a fitness coach and personal trainer, offers you three exercises to work the core at a functional level, improving general stability and strength in the abdomen.

Today I will talk about abdominal training, whether it's for sports performance or rehabilitating an injury.
We must take into account that this type of training should be directed towards functional training. What does that mean? That not only will it be a work with which at that time we noticed the pain located in the abdomen, but should bring a benefit in the future, either in the stability of our body or because we have gained strength in our abdomen.
Now I present a training session with different materials and positions.

1. Press Pallof
The first exercise is Press Pallof. This exercise consists in working with the resistance of a rubber. We will place this one perpendicular to us. We will take the rubber by the handles with both hands and we will place ourselves in a good position: the hands at the height of the shoulders, my knees somewhat bent and I press hard on the abdomen. From here the movement is to extend the arms forward and turn their hands to the chest.

2. Iron
This exercise is one of the most used to train the abdomen, but it is also where many people fail in their execution. Note: the elbows are placed under the shoulders and we push hard on the floor to open the chest. We will support the knees, or not, working on the tips of the feet. From here, we must be clear that the hips should always be around the shoulders, and prevent hips from falling. At this point, what we have to do is a lot of strength with the abdomen and buttocks to maintain a good position.

3. Dead bug
We went to work with material using fitball. We will look at the ceiling in such a way that the arms remain on the shoulders. Knees in a position of 90 degrees on the hips. Fitball will be placed in such a way that it will be supported on the quadriceps and hands. Then we will move the left arm by placing it on the head and extending the opposite leg, right, to the ground, activating the anterior abdomen and muscles. Exercise will continue to alternate arms and legs.

This is our proposal for your abdomen training. If you have any questions or doubts, come to our technicians and we will help you. Strength!

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