Can Caralleu with sustainable mobility

Do you want to share a vehicle to come to do sport in Can Caralleu? Doing it, moving too little cost!

21 October, 2019

It is clear that Can Caralleu is not the most well connected area, at the level of public transport, and often a large part of those who practice sports or work at the club we choose to come by car or motorcycle.

To try to mitigate the pollution effect of these displacements and reduce them, we suggest you join the platform to share vehicles: Make_edit.

The initiative Make_edit It consists of contacting (via mobile phone and / or internet) people who do a similar route to make them folded. It is a dynamic system that allows you to do real-time queries, enter last-minute modifications and even track the position of the driver or the passenger through the GPS. On the other hand, it incorporates a system of intelligent valuation that gives confidence and security when sharing a trip.

Now you can register for free on the web, put yourself as a driver / passenger, and start moving more sustainably, sharing a car with other users.

And if we are many people, we can create the Can Caralleu community and make mobility easier, add yourself!

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