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Judokes, on February 23 we celebrate the 10th Interclubs of judo!

12 February, 2020

Sunday, February 23 at 9am el 10th Interclubs of judo of Claror Sardenya.

This competition is aimed at judokes from the 3rd year of primary school and is a good opportunity for them to put into practice what they have learned during the course, demonstrate their knowledge, get to know other children clubs practitioners of this sport and for fun.

The clubs participants are:
Claror Cartagena
Claror Can Caralleu
Escolàpies Llúria
St. Nicholas School
Perez Iborra

Sant Andreu star
Sacred Heart

Club Judo Mataró
Cor de Maria School

Claror Sardenya
Come and see the progress of your children in this tournament!
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