L'Esportiu de Llinars, your fitness club in Vallès Oriental

A new concept of fitness arrives in L'Esportiu. Let's premiere the Ballet FIT!

22 in March, 2018

Complementary training is considered suitable for X-FIT, triathletes and runners, as it allows flexibility to work and improve muscle performance.

It's a new grill activity from 3 in April!

This is an innovative discipline based on the technique of classical ballet and combined with fitness elements.
This choreographed cross-linked activity: cardiovascular work, toning and joint mobility.
It improves elasticity and flexibility, promotes balance and tones the body by working the muscles and carving it in an elegant and harmonic way like that of dancers.
Combines classic dance technique with more fitness side. Ideal as a complementary training for X-FIT, triathletes and runners. Work flexibility and improve muscle performance.
The Ballet Fit sessions last for 60 minutes, structured as follows:
· Ballet Barre 20 ': following traditional ballet drill exercises, it involves activating the body as a whole, working flexibility, balance and muscle tonic.
· Cardio Ballet 15 ': high cardio performance, based on simple choreographies. It works with resistance, improves pulmonary and cardiovascular capacity, promotes coordination, burns calories and releases toxins and accumulated fats.
· Floor Ballet 25 ': it is the most artistic lob, since it allows to express itself through the most elegant movements of the ballet. Exercises inspired by the stretching of the ballet, yoga or pilates. The internal muscles of points such as core, buttocks or arms are worked.
To complete the session, exercises of flexibility and relaxation are carried out that improve the vital functions of the body.
This new urban training is suitable for all ages, genders and physical condition. Seduce athletes, dance lovers, models and celebrities!
Ballet Fit is a new sporting trend that does not require previous experience or knowledge in classical ballet.
It is considered, in addition, the complementary training Suitable for X-FIT, triathletes and runners, as it allows flexibility to work and improve muscle performance.
You can now check the Ballet FIT schedule here, grilled as of 3 in April!

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