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Water cleaning with ultraviolet rays: Less chemicals in the sports pools

26 September, 2018

In order to achieve clear, transparent and, above all, healthy water, it is necessary to use water treatment processes that entail their treatment. In many cases, chemical products are essential in order to guarantee the health of the water, but in L'Esportiu we use the minimum chemical, thanks to our ultraviolet system in the cleaning of our swimming pools.

We reduce the treatment of water with chemicals

The sports pools have some chlorine parameters of the 0,6gr, which is the minimum that the current legislation stipulates. We use chlorine to a very small extent, since we have an innovative water treatment system that works with ultraviolet rays and minimizes the use of chemical products as well as the impact thereof on the environment and people .

Innovative ultraviolet rays system

This system works with light rays that, at a certain level of power, cross the walls of the microorganisms by destroying their DNA, which causes viruses, fungus or microbes to disappear in the water. The main advantage of using ultraviolet rays is that it minimizes the amount of chemical disinfectants required by the cleaning of water.

Likewise, this system destroys chloramines, by-products with unpleasant odors that come from chlorine treatment.

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