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In L'Esportiu we launch new bikes of spin-off of last generation

5 of December, 2018

In L'Espotiu we are on the premiere! Since November 30 we already have new bicycles installed.Spining Matrix of last generation

These new bicycles are ideal for very precise follow-up during the training sessions that aim to monitor the power, heart rate, RPM, distance and calories in detail, as well as custom metrics according to the objectives of the training.

The intuitive touch screen Target Training Display offers attractive graphics and an LED frame with colors that helps instructors and runners to channel the intensity.

The system also has a wide variety of programs, including workouts based on interval goals, rhythm or heart rate, and Sprint 8, which offers individual training options to the runners.

The design of the rear inertia steering wheel, well protected and low maintenance, includes a magnetic resistance to perform smooth and uniform adjustments and the measurement of the power with a precision of the 3% environment. On the other hand, the contour resistor lever allows to make the changes much more easily.

These are some of the features that will allow subscribers to optimize their training.

Come and try the new Spining bikes, ask all hours on the grill of activities>

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