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If you have run out of places for an activity, sign up for the list of interests

21 May, 2021

From now on, when a grid activity runs out of places, we open the possibility for interested subscribers who have run out of places to sign up for the "interest list".

This will mean that, in the event that any of the places occupied for this specific activity are vacated, a notification will be sent via email to all the people on the list of interest.

How do I sign up for the interest list?

1. Click on the activity you want to sign up for despite having your seats filled. 

2. Give "accept" to the question about whether you want to sign up for the interest list. 

3. When there is a vacancy you will receive an email notifying you that there is a vacancy left. 

4. Re-enter the booking app and book your place. 

The vacancy will be occupied by the first person (among those on the list of interest) to make the reservation. Given the high demand for some activities, we ask all subscribers who have reserved a place to vacate their place in the event that they are finally unable to attend the session (even if there are only a few minutes left until the start). of the session) so that it can be occupied by any of the interested persons.


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