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The best summer in the Maritime! Revolt yourself with the new activities!

18 May, 2018

You can see the schedules of all the activities soon!

This summer, we've got mad at the Claror Marítimo! We want you to pass one Summer unforgettable, with innovative activities and some never seen in the Maritime. Most are included on the grid of free activities for subscribers, and some are paid by session, in collaboration with the "School Port, with a very special price for subscribers and in which you can bring uninsured friends and family.

You're getting the idea of ​​everything you can do:

More offer than ever to make parents and children together:

Sevillanas Family Ball folkloric for the whole family where you will learn the 'paseillos', the 'past', and the 'cares', a challenge! Open to adults and families with children over 6 years.

Body Balance Family Family-based training program based on Yoga, Taichi and Pilates, which will increase your strength and flexibility, while improving your body posture and consciousness, thus finding harmony and balance. Open to adults and families with children over 12 years.

Zumba Family Choreographed activity to jointly create parents and children, whose objective is the improvement of aerobic resistance. The activity is based on the realization of basic passages of Latin dances better known with the most current music.

Body Combat Family Activity for the improvement of aerobic resistance. It is a very energetic activity in which boxing movements and different martial arts are combined with highly motivating music. Open to adults and families with children over 12 years.

Aiguagim Family General and specific physical conditioning sessions, as it combines cardiovascular work, toning and flexibility exercises. It takes place in the in-depth pool with family and music support is used.

Family stretching Soft activity to carry out joint parents and children, where a general work of flexibility, mobility and relaxation techniques is carried out.

Les Mills Tone Family Family training program with low impact and variable intensity, which will improve the cardiovascular resistance, shape the body and increase the well-being.

Let's fit Thalassa Enjoy seawater, counter-current, bubbles, water droplets, waterfalls in the family. Starting at 12 years.

Great offer of water activities, so you can spend a really refreshing summer:

Neda at sea Initiation Enjoy and experience the feeling of swimming in the open sea. Get started in this sport and enjoy outdoor sports. Starting at 18 years. You need to swim 2 or 3 km followed.

From sea to coast (payment) We will sail by boat in the 3 kilometers and return to the coast swimming, the boat will support us. Older than 18 years. Must have a good level of swimming. Subscriber 7,5 € | Not paid 15 € | In collaboration with thePort School.

Artistic Swimming Aquatic sports practiced by one or more swimmers that consists of executing a set of positions and movements in a pool, harmonized with music.

AquaCross High intensity cross-training activity that is carried out in the aquatic environment, both inside and outside the water, with individual and team work. The goal is to know your personal limit, reducing body fat, increasing your strength and endurance, and modeling your body. Starting at 16 years.

Get introduced to the fun world of team sports:

Basketball Practice this sport, learning game techniques. Starting at 12 years.

Badminton Play this racket sport so fun! Starting at 12 years.

Table Tennis We continue practicing with racket on table. Starting at 12 years.

Flying Beach Initiation Start the beach volleyball, enjoying the beach at sunrise. Starting at 16 years.

Vibrate with the new fitness activities:

Combo Les Mills Train by merging different types of classes from Les Mills, such as Body Combat, CXWORX, Body Pump and GRIT.

TAG Tonic the triceps, abs and buttocks and get ready.

Nordic March He walks along the coast of Barcelona with this activity without impact in which the movement of the march with the one of canes is coordinated, obtaining a much more complete work.

Total Barre Improves strength, flexibility, resistance, coordination and dynamic stability from a work with respiratory, pelvic and thoracic control.

Hatha Meditation Free your mind by preparing it for what is really important and for positive thoughts.

Hatha Yoga Combine sickles, respiratory exercises and mantras to bring you calmness, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Older than 16 years.

TaiTxí Psychophysical gymnastics that, through gentle movements, slow and circular, develops the basic concepts of breathing, concentration, relaxation, balance and coordination.

Hipopressive abs Do you know the benefits of this abdominal work? Do not miss it, this summer on the grill! Starting at 18 years.

Senior Fit And for the club's most active, enjoy the activity of Sènior Fit to improve physical fitness and adopt healthy sports habits.

Activities never seen at the club:

Combo sports and relaxation Complete activity that combines the Nordic March, followed by an Aiguagim and finalizing with a Thalassotherapy Circuit to relax the body. The best activity to enjoy the surroundings and the best spa in the sea. Starting at 16 years.

Skating Improve your skating technique while practicing different exercises facing the sea. Starting at 16 years.

Initiation to running Do you want to start running? Now is the time. It starts from a basic level with the aim of improving the aerobic resistance with a correct technique of race. Starting at 16 years.

Coastline by land and sea Walk along the coast to the Forum, swim in the sea, look at the coast from the sea and go back by boat. Starting at 12 years. Subscriber 10 € | Not paid 20 € | In collaboration with thePort School.

Banana Marítim Will you be able to resist the high speed of the "Banana Marítim" without falling? Come alone or accompanied by your friends and enjoy this refreshing experience, from the sun and the sea. Starting at 12 years. Subscriber 6 € | Not paid 12 € | In collaboration with thePort School.

Barcelona from a sailboat Browse to see Barcelona from the sea, observe the coastline and swim in the sea. Starting at 12 years. Subscriber 10 € | Not paid 20 € | In collaboration with thePort School.

You can see the schedules of all the activities soon!

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