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Water and gas the most saved resource in the first week of the Climate Emergency Marathon

12 February, 2020

We already have the results of the first week of shares of the Marathon for Climate Emergency and we can be quite satisfied with it, because three out of four Clubs Claror have been able to save on CO2 emissions.

Electricity (Kwh) Gas (m3) Water (m3) CO2 emissions (eq)
Claror Sardenya 0,28% 28,87% 19,11% 16,40%
Claror Cartagena -0,95% 49,03% 12,26% 19,87%
Claror Marítim -1,43% -11,17% 4,84% -5,77%
Claror Can Caralleu -2,21% 5,99% -1,84% 3,70%

Gas and water are the resources that show the best indicators, highlighting the spectacular gas and water savings Claror Sardenya and the Claror Cartagena. Both consumables have a certain relationship and may be driven by water-saving actions, in particular by promoting efficient shower use by children. If we shorten the time of flowing water, the gas that helps heat it also runs out.

We present a new challenge for children and adults: are we able to shower with 2 minutes of water?

In the case of Claror Marítim, gas consumption has increased due to the heating of the Niagara pool water during the first days of February, after the January we had to empty it for maintenance.

We continue to implement measures to follow this trend and see if we can recover any and all savings on electricity.

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