Milla Sagrada Familia, the Claror Club race

We already have the date of the 2019 Mill: we are waiting for you on Sunday 5 May!

1 in March, 2019

Sunday May 5 you have an appointment with sports and fun: there is a new edition of the Sagrada Familia Mile

Sunday 5 May You have an appointment with sports and fun: there is a new edition of the Sagrada Familia Mile. Run your 1,6km series along Mallorca street, in front of the Temple, and if your fitness goes, do not miss the fitness masters that we will do in the Village. Join the Great Claror Festival!
Family run - new
The novelty of this year: come and run with your children born before 2010.
Time: at 10.45 hours
Where: Mallorca Street - Sardinia (BCN)
Milla Sagrada Familia
The Holy Family Mile this year reaches its thirty-fifth edition. The mythical race that takes place in front of the Sagrada Familia temple is an essential event for all those who enjoy mid-range athletics in Catalonia with a 1.609 metermetal circuit in the city.
Time: from 9.15 to 12 hours
Where: Mallorca Street - Sardinia (BCN)
Masters of Fitness
Boady Balance, Body Attack, and Zumba outdoors. With all the energy of the Claror technicians and the festive atmosphere of La Milla.
Time: from 10.30 to 13 hours
Where: Carrer Sardenya - Provença (BCN)
Solidarity registration for the project "From the Hospital to the Cathedral"
All the registration of the Mile and the Masters of Fitness will be allocated entirely to the project of Xavi Vallès, a cancer patient, who wants to contribute to the research on cancer in children. To do this, add a solidarity challenge and a sport challenge: to obtain funds to finance a research from the Vall d'Hebron Institute on childhood brain tumors, and to go by electric bike from the Hospital de la Vall d ' Hebron to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in 17 days.
If you want to know your project, click here.
And we will also play recreational activities for the little ones!
Online registration from 1 in April!
Soon we will inform you all about:

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