Discover the benefits of dry puncture a Claror Marítim

January 8, 2020

You discomfort at the muscular level caused by one trigger point?
Discover the dry puncture Physiotherapy technique which is used to treat the syndrome of myofascial pain by mechanical stimulation of a needle, highly recommended for people with limitations or muscle fatigue who give local or referred pain. Start this 2020 on a good foot!
- 1 session: Subscriber € 40,14 | Not paid € 53,51
- 3 sessions: Subscriber € 109,05 | Not paid € 145,41
- 5 sessions: Subscriber € 181,46 | Not paid € 241,9
Request an hour at or go to the Health Area.
Duration of the session: 45 minutes.
* Not recommended for people with coagulation problems, pregnant women and children

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