We offer you a totally personalized plan

New Dietetics and Nutrition Service at Claror Marítim!

13 November, 2019

We want to help you achieve your goals

We have very good news before the end of this year 2019: let's get started New Nutrition and Dietetics Service at Claror Marítim!
We want to help you achieve your goals:
  • Loss of weight and reduction of body fat
  • Increase in muscle mass and definition of the figure.
  • Control of the retention of liquids
  • Improvement of sports performance or preparation for a sporting event (triathlon, marathons, ironmans, etc.)
  • Preparation of vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Diets adapted to allergies and food intolerances
We offer you a totally personalized plan, depending on your physical condition, sports habits, weight and preferences.
  • Dietician and Nutritionist graduates, specialists in the clinical and sports area.
  • We provide ideas and guidelines for you to keep healthy eating habits.
Together we will achieve that!

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