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Reuse balls to reduce noise and encourage the inclusion of deaf students in the Tàber School

12 February, 2020

A Claror Can Caralleu we give more life to sports equipment. Tennis and paddle balls that we can no longer use for classes do a good service in the classroom.Tiber School to reduce environmental noise.
THE'Tiber School is an ordinary public educational center, with specific listening and language program in oral mode. It has a deaf student grouping program to ensure that these children are fully included and to reach basic competencies with equal opportunities.
This program improves the self-concept of the deaf student, provides more experience and training to the teachers of the center, favors the relation between the families of the deaf students, facilitates the education in values, improves the coordination between the professionals and facilitates the attention in groups, as well as individual attention.
Students with cochlear implants or digital hearing aids need very low ambient noise to perceive the voice of their teacher and peers well.
So, when placing the balls on the legs of chairs and tables, they do not make any noise when moving and the atmosphere of the class is much calmer.
This measure also favors children with ASD and students with no special needs because of less noise in the classroom, the volume of speech is lower and it helps to respect students' turns during their classes.
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