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Want a 50% discount on your next installment?

20 of December, 2019

Al Claror Sardenya, Claror Cartagena, Claror Marítim we put you very easy for you to start the summer with good footing! Come and train with a friend or friend: eYou will motivate more and earn a gift!

Start the year off on a good foot! At the Claror Sardenya, Claror Cartagena and Claror Marítim We make it very easy for you to come and train with one friend or friend. And You will motivate more and you will win a gift. The excuses are over!

If you bring a friend and get paid to the club, you enjoy a 50% discount on your next installment and your friend too!
You have to come with your friend to train at your club, just tell them that if they subscribe they will enjoy the promotion.
This promotion is valid for friends who have not been subscribed to clubs in the last month.
The gift will depend on the stock availability of clubs.

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