Can Caralleu Mountain Cros

Everything you need to know if you run the cros this Saturday 23 in March

20 in March, 2019

As a participant of the Mountain Cros this Saturday, 23 in March, you can not miss these last reminders we make from the organization.

Collection dorsal and rack bag
You can collect the numbers with the chip and the raffle bag on Friday 22 from March 8 to 19h at reception, and on the same Saturday 23 March from 8 hours and until 30 minutes before each race in the Pavilion, located at the upper part of the club.

Schedule of races
10.00 Cros hours of 17km
10.15 Cros hours of 8km
10.30 hours Cros Infantil 2 and 4km

Note: The maximum time to complete the 8 and 17km races for km 4,5 km is 45 minutes. Those 17km runners who have not completed it within the stipulated time will be diverted to the 8km Cros, since the organization must disassemble the circuit from then on. Check the rules of the race here.

Weather forecast
See weather forecast for the day of the race. So you can choose the best material to face the race.

Even though he paints an excellent time, the race will be carried out as long as the organization has guarantees that weather conditions do not jeopardize the physical integrity of the riders. If applicable, the annulment of the test will be decided.

Come with time and in public transport
The Can Caralleu Sports Center is on the Sports Street number 2-8. In order to reach Can Caralleu it is better to take public transport because it is difficult to find parking if you come with a private vehicle.
By bus: 66, H2, V3, V9 i 130.
In Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya: The nearest station is that of 'Reina Elisenda'. It is at 15 minutes walking from Can Caralleu.
If you prefer you can also come in private bike or in Bicing (Queen Elisenda).
By car or motorcycle: Can Caralleu can be accessed by private car through these routes:
- Ronda de Dalt, exit nº 9 "Sarrià-Can Caralleu"
- Avenida Josep V. Foix - Via Augusta
Remember that it is an area where parking is very limited.

Points of interest on the day of the race
Dorsals and guardaroba: Pavilion.
Departure and arrival: Football field.
Dressing rooms and showers: Those that are located in the football field.
Awards: Podi located in the football field, after each race.

3 liquid supply points at 17km Cros (at km 3,2, 9,1, 15,3), 2 points at Cros 9km (water at km 3,2 and 6,3), upon arrival water, isotonic, fruit, and final botifarrada.
The supply of fruit is gentle of Good price, and the liquid supply of Nutrisport.

We are sustainable
The 21 day of March is the International Forest Day, and the coincidence with the Can Caralleu Mountain Cros offers us a special occasion to celebrate the beauty and variety of flora and fauna, as well as to raise awareness of the multiple benefits that the conservation of these forms of life has for to humanity
The Cross crosses paths and paths of the Collserola Natural Park and for that reason we invite you to respect the natural environment and not throw junk during the race.
We use 100% biodegradable glasses for the supplies of the mountain and one reusable glass In the final supply, which will be a small gift for brokers. In addition, we will do selective collection.
We will also provide participants with one aromatic plant, which you can collect upon arrival.

Natural nature workshops
Workshop: Following the footprints of Collserola's landing
The friends of the Collserola Park They will teach us to follow the trail of footprints that leave some of the most common animals on the sunny slopes of Collserola. We will discover what are and what are your basic needs to live in.
2 groups: from 11 to 12h or from 12 to 13h | Pineda

Workshop: We plant flowers
Come to plant flowers and we welcome spring
From 11 to 13h | Rambleta pavilion
Follow the signs of the footprints and flowers you'll find for the club!

Follow the news of the Cros on social networks
We recommend you follow us on Instagram, Facebook i Twitter to have access to the news of the Cros. We encourage you to share your morning publications in your profiles with the hashtag #croscc.

Strong and many spirits And it is!

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