Jaume Alguersuari, Formula 1 rider

"There are no friends in the 1 Formula"

11 November, 2010

Jaume Alguersuari is one of the values ​​with the greatest future in Formula 1. The listeners say that it is intended, if luck accompanies it, it will become a true number one. With only twenty years he has shown his credentials in a team as modest as Toro Rosso, with which he has achieved the first points of the season. There is a lot of work to do, but this Barcelona is predestined to glory and success.

Jaume Alguersuari (Barcelona, ​​1990) faces his second season in Formula 1 after the past 2009 began in the demands of the competition with the team Toro Rosso. Now, one year after that milestone and already fully consolidated in the team of the modest Italian team, the goal is to reach the maximum number of points by the end of the season.

It is said that in Formula 1 you can not have friends. It's true?
I always say that there are no friends in the FXUMUM, there are co-workers, known to the paddock and rivals on the track.

Another topic sold by Formula 1 is that of the solitude of the pilot.
Think that the circuits where we are competing are distributed around the world, and that means that we spend many hours on airplanes, hotels, etc. Obviously we spend many hours of loneliness, although during the day we are going to the circuit working with the engineers, studying the circuit, etc.

What relationship do you have with your teammate Sebastien Buemi?
Sebastien and I have a very good relationship. He is an extraordinary rider I'm learning and, besides, we have two very compatible characters. The fact that he is only two years older than I do that we have many points in common.

And with the other Spanish pilots?
The truth is that we see little, with Fernando and Pedro, but we have a cordial relationship and I have a great respect for both of them. I wish you all the fate of the world in the F1 2010 championship.

Do you think that Fernando Alonso will recover the disadvantage that has to end up prevailing in the World Cup?
Now the World Cup gets interesting. It has become clear that Ferrari, Mc Laren and Red Bull are the most reliable cars, and there is still nothing decided. There are many races left and I think that there will be nothing decided later.

Right now who is the best driver?
Michael Schumacher will always be a reference in the world of motoring. I also like Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel.

Twenty years accumulate more success than Fernando Alonso at your age.
Yes, the truth is that by looking at my palmarés I can feel proud. Since I started running in karts, I've been accumulating achievements and getting records of precociousness. All this has caused that today is piloting a Toro Rosso, but now is the time to show everything that still remains to do; I assure you that I am hungry for victory and want to learn and fight to be world champion.

The great dilemma. What do you prefer? Mc Laren or Ferrari?
I could not choose, the two are great teams that have already shown their quality. But who trusted my potential was Red Bull when I was fifteen years old, they trusted me to be part of the Red Bull Junior Team (the young team values ​​program), after being the best in the Selection tests made in the circuit of Estoril (Portugal) in the 2000 year, so I make sure that my dream would be to be an official Red Bull pilot some day.

Have you thought about the luxury that surrounds the world of Formula 1?
Everything that surrounds this sport is a little paraphernalia. Over the last few years the world of motoring has become a great attraction for thousands of spectators and has seen the opportunity to attract even more fans around the world through suggestive and attractive images like girls Out of the starting grid, the parties that are organized along the great prizes, and evidently represents an economical expense and a luxury that moves away from the daily lives of thousands of spectators who follow the television broadcasts from their home. All this makes it an attractive spectacle for the viewer, but it is true that this sport moves a lot of money.

Have you noticed the crisis in Formula 1?
I think that no one has escaped the crisis. At F1, however hard it may seem, you have also noticed. To begin with, training sessions are no longer held on Thursdays and Fridays as in the last years, but only on Fridays. This measure represents a very large economic saving from the point of view of gasoline consumption, etc.

If you did not have this gift to pilot which series at the moment?
It would probably have started the university and could spend more time on my other passion, music.

To start in this world, you need to have good financial support, right?
The truth is that it is not a very cheap sport. In my case, I think I am very fortunate because my family only had to face the expenses when running in karts, since later Red Bull set me and they took me to form part of the Red Bull Junior Team, so since fifteen years I have been financially helped in my sports career.

The figure of your father has been very important in this sense ...
Obviously. At home, the atmosphere of the engine has always been experienced, although my father was a motorcycle rider. Without his support and that of my mother Carmen, I had never arrived where I am today.

Are there any riders to admire or inspired when driving?
I really like Fernando Alonso, he's a very complete driver. I would also like to emphasize Hamilton and Vettel, with whom I have a very similar sporting career, both of us were part of the project of young talents of Red Bull and, by age, I feel very identified.

What is the goal you have set for this season?
Without a doubt, classify me in all Q2, finish all the races and score as many times as possible. At the moment I am fulfilling the objectives, but there are still many races and I hope to add more points until November.

For a winner, you must be a bit frustrating to compete with a car that can not fight for the win ...
The houses are beginning to build for the base and never for the roof. A driver who has just entered the circus of the Formula 1 without previous experience can not aspire to drive a Ferrari or a Red Bull. I know I do not have a car to fight for the first positions, but so far the car is responding very well and the team does an extraordinary job. With the team Toro Rosso I am learning the trade and when the right time comes, it will be time to show all my potential with a winning car.

Some say you are from Espanyol ...
I'm not especially a footballer, but it's true that I'm very fond of Mauricio Pochettino's team. As a Barcelona I'm interested in knowing the results of the two teams in the city, and I have always said that I am deeply admiring for Pep Guardiola for the great work he is doing with Barça, but I think Espanyol has never had the The popular support he deserves and the fact that he is a more modest team makes them have special affection.

Your future still goes through Formula 1, but, and beyond? Have you thought about any professional outing?
I have always been clear that the studies were basic in my life, and that is why, although it was very complicated because I traveled a lot and lacked many classes, I wanted to finish the baccalaureate, and to make sure that if any I wanted to study at university today, I could do it. I finished the baccalaureate and the truth is that now I do not think what I will do tomorrow. I love music, make DJ, and also the history of art.

By the way, how do you prefer to be told Jaume or Jaime?
Jaume, Jaime, James, all are welcome. I speak four languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish, English and Italian) and from very early I'm used to traveling and interacting with people from other countries, so I'm used to saying my name in different languages. I really do not dislike my head, so I have no preferences!

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