The footwear: ESCULL BÉ!

11 November, 1999

Equipping yourself in a suitable way when we decide to practice some physical activity is more important than working the exercises well or playing with a careful technique. Footwear is one of the elements that we have most to watch to avoid injuries and to execute the movements with comfort and security.

The lack of good selection and adequate adaptation of sports equipment is the cause of a large number of sports injuries. For example, tennis elbow, if we do not choose a good squash racket, or skin problems, if the clothes are not breathable enough.

But one of the most important elements is footwear, because if we do not choose sneakers suitable for sports, we run the risk of injuries to the Achilles tendon or pain at the base of the toes.

When we enter a store to buy sports shoes, we find a multitude of sneakers of all colors, of various brands, sophisticated materials and incorporations of design elements that make them more attractive.

This extraordinary development achieved in the manufacture of sport shoes is the result of the application of the most advanced techniques that arise in the various fields of research.

Not only is the deep knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics articulated, which undoubtedly must possess those who dedicate themselves to this task, but also the advances of physics, the techniques of obtaining images, the resistance of materials, etc. .

All these advances have been applied in the research and development of sports shoes and have triggered a change in concept.

The main objective is no longer the duration and resistance - although they are still desirable characteristics - but the protection index that provides the foot and the sport performance that is achieved with its use.

Each sport requires a different technique of execution; The movements of the human body vary according to the practice of sports, and also change the work of the foot. In addition, not all sports are done on the same type of pavement or ground, some are practiced on hard ground, others on grass, parquet, synthetic clues ...

It is logical, therefore, to adapt the footwear to all these variables with the goal of obtaining the maximum performance of the effort with the greatest comfort and the minimum risk of injuries.

Keep in mind that ...

Although the sneakers of the best known sports brands are of good quality, there are more affordable ones that guarantee good footwear. Just make sure that you meet the basic requirements according to your needs.

As a general criterion, you must fulfill the following functions:

1. Protect against possible direct injuries caused by shocks, strokes, cuts or stains.

2. Complement the stability of the upper and lower ankle joint, in accordance with the specifically sports requirements.

3. Promote normal mobility and provide firm support for heels.

4. Have a stable interior to the metatars and a compact floor for the support of the heel.

5. Have a suitable sol configuration to transmit to the ground, optimally and according to the requirements, the body energy derived from both movement and braking.

6. Fit appropriately to the foot by incorporating a padded, longitudinal or transverse, or a template to prevent tiredness and maintain proper blood flow.

7. Do not be narrow, to avoid compression points, and leave freedom of movement in the front of the foot.

8. Ensure good durability, which can be extended if you take good care of yourself.

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