Special promotion for Fit12 subscribers

If you are Fit12 you can earn a 100 euros worth of health and wellness!

16 September, 2015

With the start of the course they return the monthly draw FIT12! This September we will raffle a multitiquet of welfare and health services valued at 100 euros among all the subscribers of your club who have received the Plan FIT12.

The winners can use the multitarter to hire the health and wellness services we offer at Claror Sardenya, Cartagena and Marítim (except psychology and podiatry).

The draw will be held the next 30 in September and the result will be published on our website and in social networks.

You still do not know the advantages of it Fit12 Plan? With this plan you enjoy all of these benefits:

1. First free health consultation
2. Healthier Services cheaper
3. Personal trainer at lower price
4. Sports equipment at the best price
5. Come to train together with: 6 invitations
6. Try all Claror Clubs: 4 invitations
7. Activate + at a super reduced price: 59 €

And if you are not yet, do not think more about it and change it Fit12 Plan!

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