Claror Sardenya, your club for the whole family in Gràcia

Come to the children's party to present the esplais and summer campus!

8 in March, 2019

It's free and open to everyone, you can come with friends and family :)

You join the family feast to get to know and taste the activities we will do at the esplais and summer campus of the Claror Sardenya? It's free and open to everyone and you can come with family and friends!
It will be saturday 16 from March from 16.30 to 18.30h on the outer tracks of the Claror Sardenya And there will be a lot of activities:
- Face painting workshop
- Workshop of wooden constructions
- Basketball games
- And much more...!
The party is free and open to everyone, so you can come with family, friends and friends :)

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