Claror Sardenya, your fitness club at the Sagrada Familia

The best summer in Claror Sardenya! Do not miss out on new grilling activities

1 in July, 2019

Summer is here! If you want to enjoy doing sports and having fun, take advantage of the activities we have prepared for you in July. In the Claror Sardenya We propose new grill activities:
Fit Park
Train in the open air in a circuit that combines strength and running workstations for different urban parks.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 18.45h
Thursday at 7.15h and 19.45h
Boot Claror
Improves strength and fat burning with a high intensity workout that uses its own body weight or alternative material: pallets, drums, suspension straps ...
Mondays and Wednesdays at 19.15h
Tuesdays at 7.15h
Saturdays at 13.30h
Zumba Family
This July you can not stop dancing with the whole family!
Sunday at 12.30h
Master's of Dance
If you like to dance, come move to the rhythm of different African dances, Caribbean and other styles!
Tuesdays at 10h and 19.15h
Do not stop this summer!

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