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10 April, 2019

L'Auriculotherapy It consists in the stimulation of acupuncture points and reflexes located in the auricular pavilion (ear) making a micromassage with seeds, pins or magnets, balance of all systems. The fan of Treatments are quite broad and very effective especially to lose weight.
At the ear we have more than 150 points that can be stimulated to treat a wide range of discomforts, pains or anguish.
What can Auriculotherapy help us?
Treat acute or chronic pain
· Sciatica, lumbago, arthosis, arthritis
· Cervicalgia, vertigo, migraines
· Joint pain, contractures
· Help with fibromyalgia
· Menstrual irregularities
· Respiratory disorders and allergies
Treat states of anxiety
· Stress, anguish, insomnia
· Depressions, as in the post-part time
· Addictions, such as quitting smoking
· As a diet supplement of slimming
First visit: Subscriber 41,97 €. | Not paid € 55,94
Tracking: Subscriber 22,68 € | Not paid 30,25 €
Mutitiquet 5 sessions: Subscriber 97,80 € | Not subscribed to 130,41
Book time at reception or in the Area of ​​Well-being and health: NUMBER TWO TWO NIGHTS 93 or
Try it, you'll be surprised!

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