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You can now check your registration hours at the esplais and summer campus of Claror Sardenya!

12 April, 2019

Today, 12 in April, we have celebrated the draw to determine the order of registration of the Turn open partly Esplais and Summer Campus the Claror Sardenya for the 27 day of April. He exit number from which the order of registration is distributed is the 282.
Check here the Your registration hours according to the draw number:
· 8.30h: numbers from 282 to 6
· 8.45h: from 7 to 18
· 9.00h: from 19 to 30
· 9.15h: from 31 to 43
· 9.30h: from 45 to 56
· 9.45h: from 57al 68
· 10.00h: from 69 to 80
· 10.15h: from 81 to 92
· 10.30h: from 93 to 104
· 10.45: from 105 to 116
· 11.00h: from 117 to 128
· 11.15h: from 129 to 141
· 11.30h: from 142 to 154
· 11.45h: from 155 to 166
· 12.00h: from 168 to 179
· 12.15h: from 180 to 191
· 12.30h: from 192 to 203
· 12.45h: from 204 to 215
· 13.00h: from 216 to 227
· 13.15h: from 228 to 240
· 13.30h: from 241 to 253
· 13.45h: from 254 to 265
· 14.00h: from 266 to 277
· 14.15h: from 278 to 281
How is the registration made?
· The registration is done in person at the reception of the Claror Sardenya (C / Sardenya 333) at the time assigned according to the draw number.
· We recommend to arrive 15 minutes before to be able to fulfill the established schedules.
· The numbers that are not at the assigned time lose their turn and they must wait until the last number.
· If you do not get the requested place, we will open waiting lists.
· If you do not have a draw number, registrations can be made from the 29 in April
What should I wear?
· The draw number. This number is personal and non-transferable and it is mandatory to carry it to process the registration.
· A copy of the vaccination card and the Social Security. We will not make registrations without this documentation.
· Each person can only enroll their children. Parents and mothers who have to delegate the registration to other people must submit a written authorization of the parents (or guardians), following the model provided by the club, and a photocopy of the father's / mother / guardian and of the authorized person.

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