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We are joining forces with the European Week of Waste Prevention

5 November, 2019

We add to the Week of Waste Prevention with a lot of sustainable initiatives to ours clubs

Share 16 to 24 in November it is celebrated European Week of Waste Prevention with the aim of promoting sustainable actions to reduce waste and change our production and consumption habits.

A brightness We add to this contributing our grain of sand to theSustainable Development Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) with a series of actions, some of the occasional ones and others that take the Week as a starting point.

We collect mobile from 20 to 30 in November

Together with the Civic Center and the environmental classroom of the Sagrada Familia neighborhood, we add to the "Mobilize yourself for the jungle" campaign promoted by the Jane Goodall Institute.

For that reason, from 20 to 30 in November, we will collect disused mobile phones and we will send them to the Jane Godall Institute that will recycle them for:

  • Reuse terminals and reduce the demand for its mineral components
  • Recycle useful items and properly dispose of toxic materials, such as batteries
  • Collect funds for development, education and conservation programs in Africa.

More campaign information:

Less paper and more forests

Some time ago we are trying to minimize the printing of media on paper. This season we have added the schedule of activities, which can be consulted on the web and also in large format media clubs.

However, to cater to people who do not have digital tools and ask for it on paper, we have planned a donation of 50 cents per hour. All the money raised will be used to offset the impact through a donation to the Association of the Serbs and, in particular, to the project for the preservation of forests of high natural value.

R + R + R Tips

Given that the best waste is the one that does not occur, during the Week we will give a series of tips to reduce, recycle and reuse.

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