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Learn how to stretch the paddle surfboard!

12 in June, 2019

With the paddle surf, you can activate all the muscles of the body. That is why it is essential to know what stretching you have to do.

The Paddle Surf (or better known as Stand Up Paddle - SUP) is the fashionable sport on our beaches. It is an aquatic mode that consists of navigating right on a surfboard with the impulse of a single row.

Unlike most aquatic sports, the SUP does not need wind or waves.

It is an affordable sport for everyone and very rewarding, as it is easy and learns relatively quickly. Being a low-impact, fun and toning activity, the SUP is considered as a sport for all ages. That, yes, you have to tell the technique well. In addition, you are in close contact with the sea and a large part of the body's muscles are activated. That's why Stretches are essential.

We teach you in these workshops that we will do with the hand Club Patí de Vela Barcelona. Sign up!

Thursday 13 and 27 in June at 10h

Only for Claror Club subscribers. Price 15 €. Sign up for your Claror club!

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