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Basketball players, from December 27 to December 29 return the Safa Claror Basketball Tournament!

18 of December, 2019

The next 27, 28 and 29 in December celebrate the 26th edition of the Safa Claror Children's Basketball Tournament and we're really excited to be able to continue organizing a 100% total basketball event.
The competition will take place at Claror Sardenya During three days, ten teams, five men's and five women's teams, will take part.
Tournament format
The main objective of the Tournament is enhance this collective game We are so passionate about it from a playful side without losing the essence of what it means to compete at the highest level within our possibilities. In this way, we bring together teams of a homogeneous level so that each game can serve them to improve and grow in the second half of the season.
Within the tournament dynamics, we didn't want to forget about the people who sacrifice themselves so that our club can feed on its raw material, the families. We are well aware that they are a priority in this project and we want them not only to be spectators but also to live on the track together with their sons and daughters. To this end, we have developed parallel competitions where parents can be part of their team's victory. In this way it is possible to promote the existing bond between families and players within our field, in the best way we know how to do it, through the game of basketball and its most social and fun part.
In short, we want you to enjoy three days of pure basketball, the one that makes us forget about everything, worshiping every second of the clock, and that this experience is integrated into our athletes as a very valuable memory in their baggage. basketball.
You can check the squares of the equipment and the regulation of the Tournament AWHO.
Participating teams
Feminine category: CB Cornellà, SESE, Joventut de Badalona, ​​CB Sant Josep and Bàsquet Safa Claror
Men's category: JAC Sants, Unió Esportiva Gaudí, FC Martinenc, CN Terrassa and Basketball Safa Claror
The teams will play between 4 and 5 games depending on their classification. They will receive a gift t-shirt as well as water at the start of each game.
All clashes will be led by referees designated by the Catalan Basketball Federation.
Two ball
The team must present a minimum of 5 pairs and a maximum of 8 pairs. At least two parents and two mothers who will have to mix with the players will be required.
The challenge
In this test will have to participate 6 players, 1 father and 1 mother. The objective will be, in a maximum time of 60 seconds, to be able to basket from 4 bounded positions.
Territory 6x25
In this test the participants play individually and all members of the team plus two parents can participate. This is to score as many as three point baskets in 15 attempts
Find out more about the 3 competitions here.
Follow the tournament on social networks
We will keep track of the Tournament on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where you can leave your comments and stay informed about the news of this competition. To do this you just have to be a user of these social networks and follow us or follow the hashtag #safaclaror
Remember that you can now upload your photos with the hashtag too #safaclaror to Instagram.
Good luck to all the participants, see you on the court!

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