Claror: Sports activities for everyone!

Claror: activities for everyone

The Clubs Claror They offer a wide range of sports activities for all people regardless of their age or physical condition. You will find it from the most innovative fitness activities, swimming and sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis, paddle, badminton and much more!

We bet for thesport for everyone all inclusive because we believe that all people have the right to develop physical activity.

Check out all of our activities clubs:
- Claror Sardenya (calle Sardenya, 333 | Barcelona)
- Claror Cartagena (calle Cartagena, 231-239 | Barcelona)
- Claror Marítim (Paseo Marítimo, 33 | Barcelona)
- Can Caralleu (street sports, 2-8 | Barcelona)
- L'Esportiu de Llinars del Vallès (Pau Casals Avenue, 281-283 | Llinars)

Get in shape with us! ;)

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