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E Claror We have been awarded the 'Label Responsible, a logo that promotes theAssociation + Responsible as recognition of a socially responsible management.

The Label distinguishes companies and organizations for their good business practices with values ​​and demands transparent and transversal action in the three areas of action of Corporate Social Responsibility: economic, social and environmental.

To obtain the Label you have to work and accomplish 10 + 1 criteria, which are:

1. Good governance and management with Social Responsibility criteria.
2. Control of the supplier chain with economic, social, environmental and proximity criteria.
3. Customer management: quality and satisfaction.
4. Transparent economic management and not fraudulent.

5. Non-discrimination and promotion of equal opportunities and diversity.
6. Promotion of the reconciliation of personal and work life.
7. Communication and promotion of participation.
8. Safe work environment for the entire staff.
9. Collaboration with the territory and social initiatives.

10. Strategies for environmental sustainability and actions to combat climate change.
11. Waste management R + R + R: reduce, recycle, reuse.

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