All recreation groups and campuses (with the exception of the Fitness Campus) make a weekly departure.

The outings of this week of the 2 turn are:

- recreational and small park: THURSDAY let's go to the citadel!

- Media (from 1r to 3r of primary school): WEDNESDAY, we go to the Spanish people to faith Runa Gincama

- big: TUESDAY, we will soak ourselves in the bathrooms of the forum

- dance: TUESDAY, we will do yoga in the citadel (you need to bring a towel to the floor)

- Basketball and judo: WEDNESDAY, we will do sports at the open Camp de Montjuïc

- flying and skating: THURSDAY let us soak in the baths of the forum!

- english kids: THURSDAY, we go to the Oreneta park.

Everyone needs to carry a backpack on hard the breakfast, the lunch (if they eat here habitually we will put the picnic) i water cool all day.

We recommend carrying Cap i sunscreen!!

We will give you one shirt Well, we'll put them before leaving.

Participants in Campus Sports activities will need to bring a 2ª backpack with shower utensils and spare parts, as they will be showered upon arrival.

THEREFORE, it will be on the 17h very punctual!