Holy Week Exiles The Pirates

Do you want your children to have fun during the Easter holidays and make friends? Point them at the leisure of Claror Sardenya The Pirates., 4 days of adventure related to these beloved characters.
15, 16, 17 and 18 in April
Morning from 9 to 13.30h
Morning + lunch from 9 to 15h
Morning and afternoon from 9 to 17h
Small ones born 2013 and 2015
Media born between 2010 and 2012
Big born between 2007 and 2009
Morning: Subscriber 48,24 € | Not paid 53,60 €
Morning + lunch: Subscriber 85,50 € | Not paid 95 €
Morning and afternoon: Subscriber 97,20 € | Not paid 108 €
From 11 in March
Rules of registration
• A copy of the vaccination card and the Social Security must be submitted.
• In the case of not covering the minimum number of places established, the organization reserves the right to annul the activities 15 days before the start of the activity.
• If the participant leaves the registration and notes it with 15 days in advance, he will be returned at least 50% of the amount already paid (fractionated or not).
• Only direct family members (children) can be registered. If parents have to delegate the registration to other people, they must present:
- A written authorization of the parents or guardian, following the model facilitated by the center.
- A photocopy of the DNI of the parents and of the authorized person.