Welcome to the new bloc of the esplais and campus of Claror!

Taking advantage of the fact that we renew all of our leisure offer for children and young people, we will also introduce you to the new blog that will keep track of the current situation of all the esplanades and campuses we make and where you can see the evolution of your children.
In this space you will find all the information regarding the activities that we organize during the school holidays periods: summer, Christmas and Easter.
The new blog is intended to present information in a more intuitive, simple and attractive way. Parents will find news, videos and photos of the activities that your little ones will do. You can also download documents in PDF format such as schedules or menus.
Since claror we encourage everyone to enter the blog and follow the evolution of your daughters and children. And do not forget that you can register and receive in your mail the entries we are publishing to be promptly informed of all the news.
We want the blog to be a meeting point between parents, children and daughters!
Participate actively by commenting on the posts!