If you can not make a pool, do you have any alternative?

He will be in the pool space with his group, and can help the monitors to do the activity from outside the water. Therefore, we recommend that they also have flip flops

Are the activities done safely?

The activities are supervised by the monitors and when the activity requires it there will also be a specialist monitor in the corresponding discipline. All the activity material is approved and we meet the safety requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008.

Is there a lifeguard in the pool?

Yes, there is a Claror's lifeguard for the leisure activities that we carry out.

What is the procedure if a child is ill or has been harmed?

The coordinator advises parents on the telephone and if the doctor of the facility has done it wrong, he will pay the first attention. Depending on the severity of the injury, once the parents have arrived, the child will be transferred to the recipient for the visit.

Treatment or medication

The child must take the medication together with an authorization from the doctor to be able to administer it. Your monitor will be responsible for giving you the medication at the right time.

Special menus and allergies

Every morning the needs of each group are reported in the kitchen, as well as allergies, diets for stomach pain, or soft diet for "mouth-ache", ... and the kitchen elaborates the different menu for these cases.

It is necessary, therefore, that any allergies be notified at the moment of registration, and remembered on the first day of activity.

Where to stop the children every morning

The first day of the day you can access the space assigned by each group, where you will know the monitors of your children's group and you will use to comment on any aspect.

From the 2 day, only p3 groups will be accompanied in class every day, the rest of the children will leave you at the entrance to the courtyard, where the coordinator will receive you.

Los niños de parque esplai (pXUMUM) del Claror Sardenya do you nap?

This group has been assigned a rest period after eating. It is about children relaxing, and those who want can sleep.

We adapt to the needs of each child.

Is it necessary to wear spare clothing every day?

Al Claror Sardenya Each group has a class of the assigned school, and therefore, it is necessary to bring a bag with a spare change that will remain in the classroom. You need to put it in a bag with the child's name. It is mandatory that the kids be replaced by pXUMUM. From pXUMUM is optional, and if the family thinks it is better to leave a spare change, we will leave it in the classroom as with the other groups.

Al Claror Cartagena You need to wear spare clothing every day. We start every day doing sports activities, so we ask that the children come in an appropriate way for the activity. In the middle of the morning we go to the pool, therefore, apart from the clothes that belong to the swimming pool (swimsuit, cap, flip-flops, towel, goggles ...), we ask for a first sport mute so as not to put on the sweated clothes used previously. Finally, at the end of the day the children go to the shower so they will need a last move to go out on the street, not necessarily sporting.

On the days we leave the beach, the bathing suit has been carried, and in addition two separate bags must be worn. One that we will leave at the Center where the clothes will be for the 17: 00h and another that will take us where the dry clothes will be replaced that we will get once we stop swimming.

Is the child able to leave a day one hour at a time that is not contracted?

Al Claror Sardenya the departure times are 13: 30h, 15: 00h, and 17: 00h and at Claror Cartagena is at 17: 00h.

We ask that if someone needs to occasionally make an exception to their schedule, adapt to these ranges or request a written request and submit it to the coordinator or group monitor.

Have breakfast time?

Each group has a breakfast schedule, either on arrival or mid-morning.

You need to have a healthy breakfast, and we recommend you refrain from "cakes", potatoes and / or "xuxeries".

What documentation must be taken to process the registration?

It is necessary to take a photocopy of the vaccine card and a photocopy of the individual Sanitary Card (the CatSalut).

What ratio do you have as a monitor / group?

Following the regulation of the decree of leisure DECRET 267 / 2016 the ratio is 1 / 10 in all groups, regardless of age and / or activity.

Is the relaxation a sporting activity?

No. L'Esplai is a totally playful activity that revolves around a center of interest, and there are games and activities on the patio, always in a directed way, which seeks to make the children as motivated and happy as possible.

What do they do in the pool?

All groups make recreational activities in the water, adapted to their age. Small and fun park groups are in the small pool and the large and medium groups and campuses do activities in the large pool. Examples of activities are: water games, catwalks, seek treasures, water polo, races, ... Always in a directed way.

If my son does not know how to swim, what will he do in the pool?

On the first day of the day, the "water test" will be done, where children one by one will go into the pool and we will look at how they float, how they swim and what level they have, so as to give them more or less help . This test is done by the lifeguard and guarantees that the child has enough "level" to be autonomous in the water. In the small pool all children go with a drink, regardless of the level they have.