What day will we open the clubs?

    The four Municipal Sports Centers (CEM's) managed by the Claror Foundation in the city of Barcelona (CEM Claror-Claror Sardenya, CEM Sagrada Família-Claror Cartagena, CEM Maritime-Claror Marítim, and CEM Can Caralleu-Claror Can Caralleu) reopen on Thursday 30 July with the usual opening hours, in accordance with the resolution published on Wednesday 29 July by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia.

    The clubs they were closed from Monday 20 July at the behest of Barcelona City Council, and in compliance with the resolution of the Generalitat de Catalunya signed on Sunday 19 July in relation to the prevention measures planned in the event of a possible resurgence of Covid-19 .

    Hygiene and safety

    Is Claror a safe gym for my health?

    Yes, for a double reason. On the one hand, why at Claror Clubs we have adopted all the measures and protocols for safety, hygiene and disinfection that guarantee that you can do any activity in an environment of maximum safety and, at the same time, enjoying the experience of physical activity and sports with the maximum normality. On the other hand, gyms are the safest places to do physical activity: unlike doing activity at home or on the street, in the gym you will have the best professionals and equipment for sports.

    What new elements are essential to access the club?

    It is essential to bring (apart from what you usually wear):

    ✓ The subscriber card or bracelet (due to capacity control, it will not be possible to access without them)

    ✓ A mask to access and go through the common areas (no need to wear it to exercise)

    ✓ A towel of 120x60cm to cover the mats / machines

    What other items are recommended?

    An extra towel to dry yourself. We also recommend carrying a bottle or drum with water, as the fountains will be out of service due to a medical prescription. You will have the option to buy at vending machines.

    You will take the temperature at the inlet of the clubs to people who access?

    No. The temperature is only taken, as required by current law, to children participating in summer camps and campuses.

    There will be disinfectant rugs at the entrance of the clubs?


    What personal protective equipment should I wear to train?

    To access the club and drive through the common areas you must wear a mask. During sports practice will not be necessary.

    Will you provide a mask, gel or gloves?

    In all the spaces of the club you will find hydro-alcoholic ice dispensers in order to guarantee the disinfection of the hands. The mask must be worn by each user. Gloves are not necessary, but you will need to clean any material before using it. The cleaning team will also take care of doing this regularly.

    Have you strengthened cleaning protocols?

    Yes, we have reviewed cleaning protocols and strengthened disinfection. We have a permanent cleaning team that rounds all the spaces of the club. We have increased the frequency of passage and adapted the products we use to the current need. The sports equipment will be disinfected at the end of each class and we reinforce the cleaning of surfaces where there may be more contact with the hands.

    Can we bring our own material?

    Yes, users who wish can bring their own sports equipment, such as mats, tires, etc. Consult sports technicians.

    Can I rent equipment?

    For security reasons, there will be no temporary rental of equipment. The material (towels, rackets, padlocks, etc ...) must be carried by the subscriber. The sale of the usual material will be maintained.

    Do I have to access the pool with a mask to move around the space out of the water?

    It's not necessary.

    Use of spaces and capacity

    Will there be schedule changes?

    The opening and closing hours of the Club are maintained. Check the schedule of activities on the website to ensure that you have the latest version, you can also consult it through the QR code you have on the supports of the schedules installed in the clubs.

    Can I train every day?

    Yes, as long as the availability of the Club allows it.

    Will it be necessary to book an entry time to the Club?

    You do not have to book an time to come to the club. So that you can decide the best time to do so, you can consult the capacity available in real time on the web (also available on your mobile).

    Will I have access to the locker rooms?

    Yes, you will have access to the locker rooms, but in order to avoid congestion and waiting, we recommend coming in advance, and even already changed into sportswear, if possible.

    Will I be able to shower in the gym?

    Yes. The hair dryers available to subscribers are temporarily out of service (you will not be able to take it home either).

    Can I use the locker rooms?


    Will I be able to use the pools?

    Yes. Swimming pools and aquatic areas, due to their own water purification or disinfection systems, are very safe spaces. In addition, we have reorganized the streets of the pools and their capacity to maintain the safety distance.

    Will I be able to use the spa (whirlpool, sauna, steam bath)?

    Yes. We have adapted the space to be able to maintain the safety distance.

    Will I be able to use the solarium and sun loungers?

    The solarium can be used. We have adapted the space to be able to keep a safe distance.

    What will be the capacity of the guided activities and fitness room?

    It depends on the surface of the space, always maintaining the safety distance. We have adapted the schedules of the directed activities and spaces (outdoor and indoor) in order to offer the maximum number of services to the users. The technician of each session will ensure that the established capacity and distance are respected.


    Yes, as it is a safe environment in hygiene, service and care. In addition, you will enjoy a time slot with some exclusive spaces for over 60s and people at risk (grill and pool activities).

    How can I reserve my place to attend activities?

    Through d'this page (click here) from the website, you can book 24 hours before the activity and have a place reserved for a maximum of 2 activities at a time.

    In the event that it is impossible for you to attend at the last minute, we ask you to cancel the reservation in order to allow another person to take advantage of your place. You have up to 30 minutes before the start of the class to cancel the place reservation. If you have not arrived at the start time of the activity, the place will be occupied by another person who is queuing at the door of the class.

    All reservations for the grill activities will be made online, except for the exclusive activities for people over 60 and people at health risk, all the activities of Aiguagim and Aiguadolça, for which you must collect a ticket at the Club, medium hour before the start of the activity.

    Activity bookings are made fromthis page (click here).

    If you have any questions about booking, please contact us this other page (click here).

    How do I access targeted activities?

    Wait at the room door until the technician arrives, although the room door will be open to ventilate it as much as possible.

    Once the technician of the activity arrives, he will check that all the people who enter the room have the previous reservation online. When entering you must show the reservation to your technician via your mobile phone.

    In the case of an RS or aguagim or aguadolça activity, you must give the technician the reservation ticket for the activity.

    If you have reserved a place for us, wait at the door until the beginning of it. If, once the class starts, not everyone who has booked in advance arrives or you see that there are places left, the technician will allow you to access the activity in order of arrival.

    Will there be activities especially aimed at people over 60 and people at health risk?

    Yes. You can consult them in the activity schedules of each club with the initials RS.

    These activities have been concentrated in each club in a specific time slot that you can consult below.

    In this time slot, in addition to offering activities especially focused on this group, two pool streets will also be reserved for these people.

    Will classes be held on the "Claror a Casa" network?

    Yes, and much more. You already have a new exclusive and free service only for subscribers: the "Claror Live". From this channel we will broadcast live classes so you can continue to practice distance physical activity. In the new Customer Area you can also find many "premium" content, exclusive and free for subscribers. Access'Claror Live Customer Area>

    Courses and playgrounds

    Will you do summer camps?

    Yes. On this page you will find all the information.

    Esplais and Campus Claror Page>

    Esplais page L'Esportiu de Llinars >

    Will the temperature rise in the children?

    Yes, the temperature is taken daily in the boys and girls of the summer camps.

    Will the AADD schedule be maintained?

    We have at your disposal a new grid of activities adapted to the current regulations of use, designed to respond to the demand for activities of our subscribers.

    Will I be able to continue with the course I was enrolled in?

    Payment courses end in June, and therefore at the time of reopening it is terminated. The fee advanced at the time of registration, corresponding to the monthly payment of June 2020, will be transferred in June 2021 to people who renew the activity. People who do not continue with the course in the 2020-21 season can request a refund of this monthly fee.

    When can I renew the course I am enrolled in or sign up for a new course?

    You can make inquiries at the next page>

    What should I do if I do not want to continue enrolling in the course?

    You must have received an email with the procedure to follow. You must notify us by email before June 15, 2020. You will have more information at the next page>

    What should I do if I want to change the course schedule?

    You need to send an email requesting a place in the new schedule. You must have received an email about it.

    What should I do if my child changes age due to age?

    You need to send an email requesting a place in the new schedule. You must have received an email about it.

    What should I do if I want to sign up for a new activity?

    You must send us an email to the address of the appropriate center.



    About the days of July that, for reasons of force majeure, you have not been able to enjoy the clubs Claror Sardenya, Claror Cartagena, Claror Marítim and Claror Can Caralleu, we have made a great effort to offer you, through the exclusive channel Claror LIVE, an additional service and especially adapted to the situation, with live classes, daily workouts, nutritional guidelines and tips so you can keep your active and healthy life. We hope you enjoyed it! On the other hand, we continue to make a very important effort to invest in resources and bet on the global reorganization of your Club Claror, from activities to services, so that you can find the maximum experience of comfort and security. We hope you understand all this extra effort as the best compensation. But, if you still intend to request compensation / refund, here are some options you can choose from and just let us know:

    1. It would be wonderful to hear from you that you understand the exceptional nature of the situation and dispense with the return of the remaining days.

    2. If you want alternative compensation, you can choose to:

    ✓ Free registration for you or a friend (valid for 2 years)

    ✓ Two invitations for your own use or as a gift to your friends

    ✓ A backpack, t-shirt, padlock or any other product available in the store

    ✓ A voucher with the value of the equivalent refund amount in Health Services or Personal Trainer

    3. If you intend to recover days that you have not been able to use the club due to force majeure closure, send an e-mail to your club at the following address:



    Claror Mariitm:compensacio.maritim

    Claror Can Caralleu: compensacio.cancaralleu

    Will the fee be affected?

    The amount of your fee will remain the same, depending on the fee you have contracted.

    Will you reward the loyalty of subscribers who do not unsubscribe?

    Yes. You will enjoy a series of advantages until December 31, 2020, with the delivery of the "Claror Vincle" card, which will allow you to:

    ✓ Free access to any of the Claror Clubs once a month

    ✓ Invite a friend to train with you at the atheist club, once a month

    ✓ Enjoy free technical advice to facilitate your return to physical activity

    I signed up with FIT12, advanced April, May or June and was unable to come to the Club. What solution do you give me?

    You can transfer this benefit to any month, until December 2020. You decide and communicate it to us via email. (Check the emails at the end of the FAQs).

    If I have invitations or vouchers that I couldn't use because you were closed, can I use them? When?

    Yes, the validity of the voucher is extended until 31 December 2020. Access by invitation will be allowed depending on the capacity of the club.

    How can I contact my club?

    If you want to contact for any other question, contact by email, at the address of your club: cartagena@claror.catmaritim

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