who are we?

La Can Caralleu Esport Foundation is a private, non-profit Catalan entity that promotes sport, health and leisure for everyone.

The main activity is the sports management of the Can Caralleu Municipal Sports Center.

the Claror group

Can Caralleu Foundation It is part of Grup Claror, of which the same is also included Claror Foundation, that manages in the administrative concession system the Municipal Sports Centers of Barcelona: CEM Claror (Claror Sardenya), CEM Sagrada Familia (Claror Cartagena) and Maritime CEM (Claror Marítim).

Likewise, it is also a part Llinarsport SL, a company that manages the Sports of Llinars concession scheme, which provides sports services to EAS Taradell, and three municipal sports centers of Sant Joan Despí: the sports centers Francesc Calvet and Salvador Gimeno, and the Tennis Club municipal of Sant Joan Despí.

principles of identity and quality

We have some principles of identity and quality that define us, commitments included in the Services Charter.

vision i

We have a mission, vision and values ​​included in a Code of Conduct and Good Governance.


The Can Caralleu Esport Foundation was born 23 in December of 2014 as a result of the transformation of the Association of Entities for the management of the Can Caralleu Sports Complex, created 24 in March of 1998.

years of joint management

The singing of the management group begins the December 22 of 1998 when the Municipal Hall of the City Council of Barcelona unanimously granted the management of the Sports Complex of Can Caralleu to the project presented jointly by the Center Excursionista de Catalunya, the Claror Foundation and the Ramon Llull University.

El 24 of March of the same year the Association is born, an entity with its own legal personality formed by these three entities with the aim of managing the sports center, under concession, for the following 35 years. Associcació d'entitats per a la gestió de Can Caralleu has been a non-profit organization that has allocated all the economic resources to the improvements of the center itself.

In the year 2014, once the first 15 years of management and the consolidated project have been exceeded, the three entities go a step further because the project exceeds the initial interest and becomes a project of general interest. Thus, it is decided to transform the Association into a Foundation.

The spirit of the Can Caralleu Esport Foundation

La Can Caralleu Esport Foundation It shares the spirit and style of the management of the Claror Foundation, the entity from which the management of sports equipment has been commissioned since its inception.

memoirs of activities

Want to know more about Claror? Check the latest activity reports.


Institutional and organizational information

The Can Caralleu Esport Foundation, as a public utility provider entity, is subject to the 19 / 2014 Law, December 29, Transparency, access to public information and good governance.

And it is the desire of the organization to promote the transparency of actions, guarantee access to public information and establish good governance measures, as well as to present the conditions governing the management of municipal sports centers under administrative concession or provision of services.

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