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    The Claror Foundation adheres to the United Nations Global Compact

    2 in June, 2014

    La Claror Foundation In the framework of his social responsibility he has signed United Nations Global Compact, an initiative of ethical commitment aimed at that the organizations of all countries receive, as an integral part of their strategy and their operations, 10 principles of conduct and action. These principles are:
    Drets humans
    1. Protection of fundamental Human Rights
    2. Non-violation of Human Rights
    Labor regulations
    3. Freedom of affiliation and collective bargaining
    4. Elimination of forced labor and low coercion
    5. Eradication of child labor
    6. Abolition of discrimination at work
    Natural environment
    7. Preventive approach that favors the environment
    8. Initiative for environmental respect
    9. Diffusion of ecological technologies
    Fight against corruption
    10. Fight against corruption, extortion and bribery
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