The Claror Group is certified with the 500 + stamp of the EFQM model

    Claror has adopted in recent years EFQM management model driven by the European Foundation for Quality Management, which guides organizations on the path to continuous improvement towards excellence.

    El seal 500 + It is the highest recognition that is awarded and makes Claror the first sports entity in Spain to have the 500 + stamp, which only have a hundred companies from other business sectors.

    What is the EFQM model?

    El EFQM model is based on 8 fundamental concepts That the organizations that want to be excellent must fulfill:

    The results are provoked

    In the EFQM model there is a series offacilitating agents which are those that intervene directly in the results of the organization. Thus, there are 5 facilitator elements that are:

    - Leadership
    - Strategy
    - People
    - Alliances and resources
    - Processes, products and services

    The circle of continuous improvement

    El EFQM model It proposes a system of continuous improvement (REDER), which becomes a simple but powerful tool towards the path of excellence. Listening and dialogue with the interest groups of the organization is the starting point to know your expectations and needs and establish actions and indicators to improve the relationship and impact.

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