The patronage

The governing body of the Claror Foundation is the Board of Trustees, which includes the representation of the different areas and is the body that has the highest decision of the entity. It is made up of ten people representing the teachers and parents of students of the Sagrada Familia School, the driving force behind the Sports and the Claror Foundation, as well as the Subscribed Partners of the centers that the Claror Foundation and its employees manage. In addition, from 2008 the board also has three external patrons.

Organically, the Board of Trustees consists of a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a deputy secretary and six members. The Board of Trustees also attends, with a voice but without a vote, the Director General of the entity, who oversees the good progress and the implementation of the decisions agreed upon in the Board of Trustees.

charge person estate to which it represents
President Oriol Bosch AMPA Sagrada Familia School
Vice President Carles Feliu Subscription Partners
Secretary Laia Simón Faculty of Sagrada Familia School
Board Member Albert Giménez Workers
Board Member Xavier Luri AMPA Sagrada Familia School
Board Member Sònia Gil Faculty of Sagrada Familia School
Board Member Joan Carles Martín Subscription Partners
Board Member Albert Batalla External
Board Member Santi Padró External
Board Member Silvia Reyes Escorihuela External

Management team

Director General: Gabriel Domingo

Product Director: Nico Sánchez

Executive Directions of clubs:

  • Claror Sardenya, Claror Cartagena i Claror Marítim: Núria Borràs
  • Can Caralleu, the Llinars Sports i EAS Taradell: Carlos Cano
  • Sports Center Francesc Calvet i Salvador Gimeno: Nico Sánchez

Addresses of clubs

  • Claror Sardenya: Alfons Font
  • Claror Cartagena: Marta Solé
  • Claror Marítim: Juanjo Zabala
  • Can Caralleu: Núria Sabartés
  • L'Esportiu de Llinars: Dani Cavanillas
  • Sports Center Francesc Calvet i Salvador Gimeno: Gregorio Bermudo
  • EAS Taradell: Miquel Hernández

Directors of the Central Areas

  • Communication, image and marketing: Sergi Larripa
  • Economic-financial: Joan Prat
  • Excellence and Social Responsibility: Ester Benach
  • Human factor: Ignasi Casacuberta
  • Innovation and Sports Quality: Olga López
  • Information systems and technologies: Oscar Alarcón
  • Sales and personal attention: Cristina Rueff

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