As every year, in this edition of the race, the organization of the Sagrada Familia Mile will give a gift to all the participants, which will consist of a T-shirt. As stipulated in the rules of the race, trophies and medals will be given for the first 3 classified in each individual category of age and sex in each series.
The awards ceremony will be held at the end of each series.

Alex Garcia Award

Every year we award the Àlex García Prize to the school that most athletes have contributed to and finished the Mile.

1r Awards: 300 €

2n prize: 180 €

3r Awards: 120 €

2018 Edition

Benjamín-Aleví Category:
1r prize: Sagrada Familia School and Tabor School, with 92 participants each school.
3r prize: Vedruna Immaculada School, with 66 participants.
Other categories:
1r prize: Colegio Urgell, with 35 participants.
2 prize: Flames Barcelona, ​​with 27 participants.
3r prize: Athletic Club Mollet and Vedruna Immaculada, with 16 participants each.
The organization will contact these entities to deliver the prize.

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