Get to know the basics of the race regulations

If you have decided to take part in the Holy Family Mile, you must have the 15 points that make up the rules of the race. The regulations have been validated by the Catalan Athletics Federation.
Article 1
The Claror Foundation, with the authorization of the Catalan Athletics Federation, and under the control of the Catalan Committee of Judges, organizes the 35a Milla Sagrada Familia on 5 2019 in May of the XNUMX, in the city of Barcelona.
Article 2
The route is 1.609 meters and it consists in giving 2 whole volts to the signposted circuit.
Article 3
The schedules and categories are those indicated in the attached document. The organization reserves the power to close a series from 10 minutes.
Article 4
The timing will be computer science. The device incorporated on the back will be used for this purpose.
Article 5
Both individual and team inscriptions must be done from 1 April to April 30 in April, at 15.00h or when the numbers available for each series are exhausted.
The registration is 5 € for the junior categories, promises, senior and veterans 1 and 2. The money raised by this concept will go to a solidarity project.
Include in all cases an insurance established by the organization.
Article 6
The inscriptions can be made through the form that will be found on the web page
Article 7
The organization can request the DNI or similar to check the age and / or identity of the athlete, at any time.
Article 8
The number and the gift t-shirt will be delivered to the EMF Claror Sardenya, Sardenya street, 333, on 3 Friday May between 16.00h and 20.30; and on Saturday 4 May, between 09.00 and 14.00h. You need to attach the back to your chest (do not sew it) and be careful to keep the chip in its position; if not, it can cause difficulties in the time record. Any modification of placement or annulment of advertising will be penalized with disqualification.
Article 9
Disqualifications, in addition to those mentioned in other articles of this regulation, may be for:
- run without carrying the ridge.
- run in a series that does not correspond.
- Not having signed up.
- or because this is determined by the Referee Judge or the Commissioners of the race.
Article 10
The series may only be suspended in case of weather conditions and if this is determined by the Referee Judge. Your verdict will be unappealable.
Article 11
Claims must be submitted in writing to the Referee Judge, subject to payment of 30 euros, which will be returned in the event that the claim is resolved, and will only be accepted until 30 minutes after the corresponding series has finished.
Article 12
· They will enjoy trophies and medals, all of them classified in the first, second and third place of each series, both male and female.
· In the infant-cadet series, there will be a trophy and medal for the first three of the children's category (born the years 2005 and 2006) and for the first three of the category cadet (born the years 2003 and 2004).
· In the absolute masculine and absolute women series, there will be a trophy and medal for the first three classifieds, both of the junior category (born 2000, 2001 and 2002 years) and promises (born 1997, 1998 and 1999 years) as well as the Senior category (born between 6 May of 1984 and 1996 year).
· In the veteran and veteran series 1 and 2 there will be a trophy and medal for the first three classified in the 1 category (born before 6 in May of 1974) and for the first three classified in the 2 category (born between May 6 of 1974 and 5 of May of 1984).
· Special prize "Àlex García"To participation in schools, clubs or entities that most athletes provide and end the 35a Holy Family Mile:
  • Modality A) Joint categories benjamí i Aleví
    • First prize: 300 euros
    • Second prize: 180 euros
    • Third prize: 120 euros
  • Modality B) Joint categories for children and the following
    • First prize: 300 euros
    • They are rewarded: 180 euros
    • Third prize: 120 euros
· The delivery of special prizes in schools, clubs and entities that most athletes provide and finish the Mile will be in the course of the month following the date of the race.
Article 13
This edition of the Sagrada Familia Mile also has a family series. See the details in the Annex of this regulation.
Article 14
The Claror Foundation and the Catalan Athletics Federation are not liable for the physical, moral or material damages that may be caused to or caused by the participants and / or the spectators during the races.
Article 15
This race will be governed according to the rules of fund races of the Catalan Athletics Federation, and everything that does not provide for this regulation will be resolved in accordance with the IAAF regulations. The registration in the 35a Milla Sagrada Familia implies full acceptance of this regulation.
Article 16
All participants accept that the Claror Foundation use the photographs taken during the event for information and advertising matters, as well as their personal data to inform them of future editions of La Milla.
ANNEX: Family run of the Sagrada Familia Mile
Article a): the children born later in the year 2010, who will have to run accompanied by one or more (to 4) members of their family, of which at least one must be the father may participate , the mother or the guardian.
Article b): all members of the family who want to accompany the participant, must sign up to the corresponding form starting on 1 from April and until 30 from April to 15.00h.
Article c): the runners and runners will have to turn the circuit and will have a maximum of 10 minutes to complete the turn. Each family must run together. The youngest can ride in a stroller pushed by one of their relatives.
Article d): there will be no ratings.
Article e): there will be a gift for all participants.
Article f): there will be special prize for the youngest participant.
Article g): Participating in this race does not prevent participation in the rest of series of the Sagrada Familia Mile (according to the corresponding category and the own regulation of the Sagrada Familia Mile).

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