More than 30 years of races around the Sagrada Familia

The feature that characterizes the first editions of the Mile is the route that, until 1998, remained unchanged: The exit to Rosselló street, between Sicily and Naples, and the arrival in Corsica with Sardinia.
The 1998, the change of course had very positive consequences. First, for the arrival in a setting as emblematic as that of the Holy Family. Secondly, the new route (Rosselló-Dos de Mayo-Mallorca) is more affordable for all athletes and, therefore, with a higher component of competition.

1990: turning point

But if the 1998 was an important year for the added innovations and the positive results of the Mile, it was the 1990 edition that marked a turning point in history as the two race records were broken . Joan Viudes finalized it with a time of 4'05 "and Cristina Nogué did it with 4'55".
Until the XIII Mile, the 1996, the female record would not be broken. Jaqueline Martin did 4'43 ", a time that she would surpass a year later with 4'42." Regarding the men's record, the record of Joan Viudes stayed until 1998 when the Moroccan athlete, Rachad Hicham, scored the 4'04. "However, it did not last for as long as the Last year José Blas Serrano made the best time of the Mile: 4'02 ".
The number of registrations, has not been so difficult to overcome. Year after year the number of athletes that have registered has increased and has experienced a significant boom from 1996. In the 2000 edition, more than 1.500 attended those who signed up for the race and in 2001 the registered 1.800 was exceeded.

2002: the professional series of the Mile are created

With the majority of age of the Sagrada Familia Mile, the Claror Foundation raised a new challenge in order to continue promoting the event. The organization of the Gaudí Mill on the occasion of the Gaudí International Year and the 10è Aniversari de Barcelona'92 meant a step forward in the promotion of the professional level.
13 female athletes and 13 women participated in the Gaudí Mile. Among others, Juan Carlos Higuero, José Antonio Redolat, William Tannuy, Driss Lakhouaja, and the brothers Pedro and Juan Carlos Esteso, in the male series, and Marta Domínguez, the sisters Iris and Zulema Fuentes Pila, Natàlia Rodríguez and Jaqueline Martín in the feminine one.

2003: The Mile is fully consolidated and changes its course

The XIX edition of the Mile is characterized by two important events: First, the consolidation of the two professional series with the Gaudí Grand Prix which gives continuity to the Gaudí Mile of the year 2002. Secondly, due to the new change of course around the Gaudí Island, that is, the three islands that make up the Sagrada Família Temple and Sagrada Família and Gaudí squares. This new circuit, which includes two races (Sicily street) and shortens the races, has meant that athletes can more dosage the rhythm of the race, although in most categories, time has increased a few seconds respect the previous route.

2007: The International Ciutat de Barcelona Trophy is born

This year's edition is a new milestone in the long history of the Mile since the professional series, which until then were called the Gaudí Grand Prix, also became the International City Trophy of Barcelona. In this way, the City Council of Barcelona recognized the value of the race organized by the Claror Foundation and turned it into one of the benchmarks of the Barcelona midlife fund, betting to enhance the professional series of the Mile to create a poster with athletes internationally renowned

2008: La Milla returns to its traditional route

After the organization of the 2007 the Sagrada Familia Milla organization was forced to modify the race route due to the works that were being carried out on Marina Street, the 2008 test recovers its traditional track. You leave Carrer Mallorca (between Marina and Sardinia), climb Sicily, tour around Provence, get off at Lepant, go back to Carrer Mallorca and, therefore, to the exit line, and follow again the traveled to Sicily and Provence. The arrival line is located in Provence with Marina.

2015: The race of the 5 Miles is born

As a novelty of the 2015, the Mile presents the first edition of the Race the 5 Miles with a tour of 8.045 meters. It also runs around the temple of the Sagrada Familia and has three categories: junior, senior and veteran. The race is disputed before the amateur and professional careers of the Mile.

2018: New tour

In the 2018 year, a new route is launched based on the security requirements around the Temple of the Holy Family. This runs through Mallorca street, from Lepant to Sicily. And it consists of two turns in the same circuit.

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