Milla Sagrada Familia, the urban mile of Barcelona

La Milla celebrates 30 editions with a poster of luxury: Manuel Olmedo, Kevin López, Solange Pereira and Élian Périz

24 April, 2014

The thirtieth edition of the Milla Sagrada Familia - eighth International City Trophy of Barcelona, organized by brightness, will feature a prominent poster of athletes in their professional series. They stand out Manuel Olmedo, Abdelaziz Mezourgui, Kevin Lopez, Solange Pereira, Elian Périz i Anna Bové. With these athletes, the race stays one more year as the most important mid-course race in Catalonia and Spain.
Male series
1. Abedelaziz Mezourgui (FC Barcelona) - Champion of Europe Sub-23 of 3.000 meters obstacles (2013)
2. Manuel Olmedo FC Barcelona - Champion of indoor Europe of 1.500 meters (Paris 2011)
3. Kevin Lopez (Nike) - Europe indoor runner-up of 800 meters (Göteborg 2013)
4. Adel Mechaal (AA Palamós) - Spanish indoor runner-up of 1.500 meters (Sabadell 2013)
5. Alejandro Rodríguez (CA Laietana) - Bronze in the Outdoor Spain Championship of 800 meters (2013)
6. Francisco Roldán (FC Barcelona) - Bronze in the indoor Spain Championship of 800 meters (2014)
7. Pol Solanellas (Atlético Terrassa) - Junior Outdoor Champion of Catalonia from 800 meters (2012)
8. Oriol Bonet (CA Laietana) - Champion of Spain of 800 meters (2011)
9. Abel de la Varga (FC Barcelona) - Champion of Catalonia of 800 meters (2004)
10. Artur Bossy (AC Barcelona) - Champion of Catalonia of 5.000 meters (2010)
11. Samir Ait (Adidas Domingo Catalán) - City of BCN International Trophy Winner (2013)
12. Emanuel Rolim (Portugal) - Portuguese runner-up of 1.500 meters (2013)
13. Samuel Barata (Portugal) - Runner-up of Portugal of 1.500 meters (2012)
14. Abel Casalí (Vic Athletics) - Bronze at the 1.500 Meter Championship of Catalonia (2013)
Female series
1. Solange Pereira (A. Bikila) Winner of the City of BCN International Trophy (2013)
2. Élian Périz (Val Terra and Mar) - Champion of Spain indoor of 800 meters (2014)
3. Anna Bové (FC Barcelona) Champion of the World of veterans in 1.500 meters (2014)
4. Maricarmen González (CA Laietana) Champion of Catalonia indoor of 800 meters (2011)
5. Almudena Rodríguez (Go Run Walnut) Champion of Absolute Control of 5.000 meters (2013)
6. Miriam Ortiz (ISS L'Hospitalet) - Champion of Spain promised and junior 5.000 meters (2013)
7. Ana Chico (Simply Scorpio) - Champion of Castile and Leon of 800 meters (2014)
8. Montse Mas (FC Barcelona) - Champion of the Half Marathon Montornès (2014)
9. Núria Tió (Avinent Manresa) - Champion of Catalonia junior indoor of 3.000 meters (2014)
10. Marisa Casanueva (New Balance) - Spanish Cross University Champion (2010)
11. Esther Guerrero (FC Barcelona) - Bronze Spanish Championship of 3.000 meters (2014)
The athletic race, of 1.609 meters, is celebrated on Sunday 27 April and keep the route around the so-called Gaudí island, formed by the Sagrada Familia temple, the Plaza de la Sagrada Familia and the square of Gaudí. The starting point will be located on Carrer de Mallorca, between the streets of Sardinia and Marina, and the arrival line will be on Carrer de Provença.
Hours International City Trophy BCN
12.05 hores - Female category
12.15 hores - Men's category
Amateurs series
Throughout the morning also fifteen amateur races will be played that will begin after the 9 hores. The number of people enrolled in the race has been 1.470 athletes.

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