La Milla Sagrada Família, the mid-career race in Barcelona!

    Come and run the 29a Milla Sagrada Familia on Sunday 28 in April!

    18 in March, 2013

    The 28 Sunday of April is the date chosen for the celebration of the Sagrada Familia Mile, which this year reaches its twenty-ninth edition. The legendary race that takes place around the Sagrada Familia temple is an essential meeting for all those who enjoy medium-level athletics in Catalonia and brings together a good representation of the best midfielder both nationally and internationally.

    The Claror Foundation is the organizing entity of this urban race of 1.609 meters, which has been consolidated as one of the most representative tests of the city, both in terms of popular and professional participation.

    Both individual and team inscriptions can be made between 2 and 25 from April until 20 hours or until the available numbers are available for each series. The registration is 5 € for senior categories, 1 veterans and 2 veterans. And it will be free for all other categories. Include in all cases an insurance established by the organization. More information on registrations

    Fifteen races
    Throughout the morning, there will be a total of fifteen races, which will start as every year from 9.30 hours, with the start of the first series of the veterans category. From there, the rest of the races of the category of veterans, cadets, children, junior, benjamins and the series of absolute category, both female and masculine, will take place, which will take place at 11.30 and 11.45 hours.

    From the 12 hours the amateur series will stop to give way to the elite athletes race. First of all the male series will be running, which will begin at 12 hours, and then the female series, which will begin at 12.15 hours.

    Next, the amateur races will be resumed with the male and female series of the juvenile class, which will be held at 12.30 hours and at 12.45 hours, respectively. The morning race day will conclude with the awards ceremony to the participants, which will be held at 13.15 hours.

    See all the schedules of the popular series

    The prizes
    All the participants of the Sagrada Familia Milla will receive a gift at the end of their series and, in addition, all those classified in the first, second and third place of each series, both male and female, will have trophies and medals. In the absolute masculine and feminine race, there will also be a cash prize for the first three classified, with an allocation of 300 euros for the first, of 180 euros for the second and of 120 euros for the third party.

    The organization will also deliver an extraordinary prize of 450 euros for the best mark that surpasses the record of the test both in male and female category, which can not be chosen by the participants of professional careers. Currently the race record in men's category is 4 '14', established by the runner Mohamed Benhmbarka, and in the female category 5 is '00', established by Míriam Ortiz.

    Award for participation
    The special prize Àlex García will also be given to participation in schools, clubs or entities that bring more athletes and end the Mile. In the set of young and young categories as well as in the set of infantile and subsequent categories, the first three classifieds will be presented, with 300 euros for the first, 180 euros for the second and 120 for the third party. The delivery of these prizes will be made during the month following the date of the race.

    The route
    The tour of the race will be the same as last year's edition: it will be about what is called Gaudí Island, formed by the Sagrada Família temple, the Plaza de la Sagrada Familia and the square of Gaudí. The starting point will be located on Carrer de Mallorca, between the streets of Sardinia and Marina, and the arrival point will be on Carrer de Provença. See map and altimetric profile of the route

    Sign up! Let's make the biggest Mile together!

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