La Milla Sagrada Família, the mid-career race in Barcelona!

La Milla presents a luxury poster with Higuero, Kevin López, Macías and Pereira

24 April, 2013

The 29a edition of the Sagrada Familia Mile - 7è Ciutat Internacional de Barcelona Trophy, organized by the Claror Foundation, was presented at 11 hours at the Eixample District headquarters. In the event, the athletes running the professional series of the race among those who stand out include Juan Carlos Higuero, Kevin Lopez, Isabel Macías, Solange Pereira and Diana Martín.

The athletic race, of 1.609 meters, is held on Sunday 28 in April and keeps the same route as last year, around the so-called Gaudí island, formed by the Sagrada Família temple, the Plaza de la Sagrada Familia and the square of Gaudí. The starting point will be located on Carrer de Mallorca, between the streets of Sardinia and Marina, and the arrival line will be on Carrer de Provença.

One of the peculiarities of the Mile is that it combines the popular side - with fifteen races from Benjamins to veterans - with the professional side as the two series of the International City of Barcelona Trophy bring together athletes from the national and international elite of the " athletics

La Milla, a race of great prestige
Eixample District Councilor Gerard Ardanuy stressed that the Mile "is one of the most successful activities implemented in the Sagrada Familia neighborhood" and added that it is incorporated into the neighborhood festival of the neighborhood, but that " It is fully consolidated and has great prestige on its own ". The councilor thanked the intense dedication of the organizers and volunteers who contribute their efforts to the success of the Sagrada Familia Mile year after year.

The president of the Catalan Athletics Federation Joan Villuendas pointed out that "We are talking about the Milla, the most important mid-course race in Catalonia and one of the most important in Spain" and stressed that every year a poster is created so competitive

The director of the Mile, Núria Borràs, stressed that "the key to the success of the Mile is the combination of professional athletes and those who are not." Borràs stressed "the rhythm of registrations in the popular series is moving at a good pace and we are already in more than 1.600 enrolled"

Referring to the poster of the professional series of the Mile, Borràs explained that "both the male and female series this year are still better, with athletes like Juan Carlos Higuero, who is already a classic of the Mile" and renowned athletes international like Kevin López, Isabel Macías, Solange Pereira and Diana Martín.

Good level of athletes
Representing elite athletes attended the ceremony Oriol Bonet and Atteneri Tur. Both have agreed to emphasize the good level of athletes that will participate in the professional races of the Mile. "We have gathered almost the best Spanish midfielder", emphasized Oriol Bonet, who said "we are increasingly difficult to compete with renowned athletes as well as those who are in the race." Atteneri Tur at his turn spoke to emphasize that "the poster of the women's series is very competitive and will be very similar so it is difficult to say who will be the favorite, although a priori Isabel Macías starts with this label."

La Milla solidaria with the International Day of Immunology
This year, the Milla celebrates International Immunology Day and, as the most important action, a special series will be open to everyone and where registration is not required. It will come out like the rest of the series, from Mallorca street, between Marina and Sardinia, at 12 at noon. The presentation ceremony was also attended by the vice president of the Catalan Immunology Society, Jorge Lloberas, who wanted to thank the Milla commitment with this appointment.

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