La Milla Sagrada Familia

Adel Mechaal and Solange Pereira impose themselves at the International City Trophy of Barcelona

26 April, 2015

The athlete of AA Palamós, Adel Mechaal, has been imposed with authority in male category and has been awarded the Trofeo Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona - Gran Premio Gaudí SPORT, the professional series of the Milla Sagrada Familia, which organizes the Claror Foundation, and that took place this morning around the temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
Adel Mechaal (4'06) was clearly imposed on the men's series after heading the race from the start, imposing a rhythm that no other competitor could endure. The AA Palamós corridor passed by the finish line in front of Marc Alcalà (4'NUMX ") i Llorenç Sales (4'12 ') that have played the second and third rung on the podium.
Mechaal has been very pleased with his triumph and has said to the media that "from the beginning I wanted to impose a very strong pace because I knew I could receive attacks at the end of the race and I think that this strategy has been good for me". This year's winner also wanted to highlight the festive atmosphere and the good organization of the race. "I really like to run here and I hope that in the future I will continue to invite you because the Holy Family Mile is fantastic."
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Solange Pereira accumulates four wins in women
Solange Pereira He has confirmed that he is the queen of the race in Barcelona and has managed to revalidate the title for the fourth consecutive year. The club athlete Athletic Track Bikila, with a time of 4'49 '', repeated the brand with which he won the race last year. In second place is over Élian Périz. The Valencia Terra and Mar corridor has also completed the circuit with a time of 4'52 ''. The third ranked has been Lídia Rodríguez (Bilbao Athletics) that has given the surprise of this year with a brand of 4'53 ''.
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Popular series
The popular series of the Sagrada Familia Mile gathered more than 2.000 athletes and consolidates a year more like the urban mile par excellence of Catalonia.
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Successful participation of the race 5 Miles
Before the popular series of the Sagrada Familia Mile, the first edition of the 9 Miles races was held at 5 hours with a circuit of 8 kilometers. In this first year, there were 267 runners and they had the support of the Obra Social de la Caixa.

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